Let Go

“Letting go” has become a catch-all phrase in spiritual circles that often get misinterpreted. Here’s a powerful video of Krishnamurti, Alan Watts and Terence Mckenna discussing the art of mindfully letting go of our attachments and what it really means to live in the flow of life. The moment we make it about “keeping” something […]

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Make the Road by Walking

“No one knows enough to worry.” – Terence McKenna  Make a Plan   Adjust your Aim & Take Initiative “You change the world you live in phenomenologically, psychologically, by changing what you aim at.”   – Jordan Peterson  Next, figure out how to get there. Find ways to upskill yourself and then never stop. Let this […]

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Dream On

Let’s suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream and you would naturally as you begin on this adventure of dreams you would fulfill all your wishes.You would have every kind of pleasure you see and after several nights you would say wow that was pretty great but […]

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

If you like that quote than you might like to visit www.cgjungpage.org and enjoy the rest of these Carl Jung quotes. Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology. His work has been influential not only in psychiatry but also in philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, literature, and religious studies. 1.”One does not become enlightened […]

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Make your own kind of music

“Nobody can tell ya There’s only one song worth singin’ They may try and sell ya ‘Cause it hangs them up To see someone like you But you’ve gotta make your own kind of music Sing your own special song Make your own kind of music Even if nobody else sings along.” – The Mamas […]

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