Curating the Coach Better Slow Chat

Ever since I completed the Eduro Learning Micro Credential back in June I’ve made a conscious effort to stay connected (in some capacity) with my mentor Kim Confino & the Eduro Learning Team. The unique program was a valuable experience in which, similar to COETAIL, contained loads of personal and practical professional development. Upon completion, […]

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Let Go

“Letting go” has become a catch-all phrase in spiritual circles that often get misinterpreted. Here’s a powerful video of Krishnamurti, Alan Watts and Terence Mckenna discussing the art of mindfully letting go of our attachments and what it really means to live in the flow of life. The moment we make it about “keeping” something […]

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Make the Road by Walking

“No one knows enough to worry.” – Terence McKenna  Make a Plan   Adjust your Aim & Take Initiative “You change the world you live in phenomenologically, psychologically, by changing what you aim at.”   – Jordan Peterson  Next, figure out how to get there. Find ways to upskill yourself and then never stop. Let this […]

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The Internet is…

an information superhighway a web a network a global system a verb a platform Whatever term you choose to associate it with, there’s no denying the internet has changed the way we communicate, behave, and learn. John Stewart, Comedian-writer and former host of the daily show,  once proclaimed that  “The internet is just a world […]

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Catch 22: Privacy Convenience & Education

In my last post, I concluded with the wondering of whether or not self-selecting into “Big Data” is unavoidable?  The following TED Talk, What Does a Future Without Secrets Look Like? by Allessandro Acquisti not only answers that question but discusses the willingness of opting into relinquish our privacy for the trade-offs of convenience, entertainment,  and […]

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From Geeking Out to Reaching Out

In Jeff’s Utech’s book, Reach, he mentions making the Web and networks work for you. This changed my perspective and the role I play within the internet. It also allowed me to take a look at how I interact with the web, both personally and professionally. Then, I found myself reflecting on a few things; Why […]

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