Beyond the Walls

How would you define beyond the walls?

What does it really mean to go beyond the walls ?

What’s the purpose for students?

Should we go out with the intention to create partnerships or just allow things to bubble up naturally and organically?

These were the questions the Learning Design Team at VERSO set out answer.

Before leaving the project studio, each member of the Learning Design Team wrote down their definition of beyond the walls. Below is what I scribbled down:

A perspective building & character building experience that allows students an opportunity to learn about themselves and learn more about their host community.

A way to connect with people and actively engage with their community while sometimes discovering ways to positively contribute to it.

Heading out beyond

Google Map of Co-Working Spaces in Bangkok 

Live Link infographic of Thailand Creative Design Center 


  • At VERSO we focus on building strong and sustainable partnerships with notable organisations and individuals so these kinds of rich and meaningful experiences become a key feature of learning at VERSO
  • This happen organically and also strategically
  • Bangkok is already positioning itself as a global hub for innovation. ( See Fab Cafe)
  • The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet.

Final Wonderings?

The sense of self-awareness, confidence and sensitivity that students gain through these experiences will help them connect and build communities wherever they go.

Sustainable partnerships both local and global lead to rich and meaningful experiences for all. It’s vital, however, that we truly understand the components of a sustainable partnership. What that looks like is a whole other blog post entirely.

Beyond the Walls is an opportunity to provide perspective, inspire, build character and new relationships.

What’s your definition of Beyond the Walls ?

Let me know below


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