Alan Watts explains the sense in nonsense and how to enjoy the playfulness of life while sincerely participating in the human game. “If, therefore, we forget, you see, that black and white are inseparable and that existence is constituted equivalently by being and non-being, then we get scared. And we have to play a game […]


Creativity demands your attention

The precondition for creativity is, I think,  disequilibrium.What mathematicians now call chaos. – Terrence McKenna  I just finished reading The War of Art, by  Steven Pressfield and one of biggest takeaway was how similar his approach to mastering motivation was to the likes of Daniel Goleman & Cal Newport.  Whether you believe Cal Newport, who says to […]

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Castles made of sand

We have a narcissism that cannot be put down, the thing that I learned in studying history and living life is that the thing that makes you happy, eventually makes you unhappy, everything flows, nothing lasts.” The following quote was taken from the video below which features Terence Mckenna dropping some hard truths. In fact, […]

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Kindergarten Teaches the World

Ever since I heard about Somersaulting the Classroom for those still on the fence about a total flip, I was intrigued. Could something like this be done with my Kindergarten students? I wasn’t 100% sold on a total flipped classroom with 5 & 6-year-old students but I toyed with the idea all throughout my COETAIL […]

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Curating the Coach Better Slow Chat

Ever since I completed the Eduro Learning Micro Credential back in June I’ve made a conscious effort to stay connected (in some capacity) with my mentor Kim Confino & the Eduro Learning Team. The unique program was a valuable experience in which, similar to COETAIL, contained loads of personal and practical professional development. Upon completion, […]

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Let Go

“Letting go” has become a catch-all phrase in spiritual circles that often get misinterpreted. Here’s a powerful video of Krishnamurti, Alan Watts and Terence Mckenna discussing the art of mindfully letting go of our attachments and what it really means to live in the flow of life. The moment we make it about “keeping” something […]

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Perhaps one of the greatest pedagogic characteristics offered by educational podcasting is the chance to learn through listening and This November we are officially entering the Podcasting space. Join Us  Here < Why Podcasting?   1. Podcasting Fits Into People’s Lives More people are listening to podcasts than ever before. According to Edison Research, the number […]

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